[KVM] Installing Virtio drivers in a KVM Windows guest VM

KVM provides a Virtio interface for the virtual hard disk and NIC. To use them in a Windows guest VM, the drivers from Fedora (you only need the ISO file) must first be installed into Windows. To install them in a Windows guest VM, it must also be started with these interfaces so that Windows can detect them. While the Windows guest could be started with the Virtio NIC without any problems, we can not start with the Windows image (i.e. the virtual hard disk image where Windows is installed on your guest VM) using the Virtio hard disk interface (until the driver is installed, Windows will not know how to use the Virtio hard disk interface). The easiest solution to this problem is to create another virtual disk that can use Virtio:

qemu-img create -f qcow2 <image name> <size>

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