[Bada] Putting a Resource Image in a Form

When a new bada project is created, a Res directory is created underneath the project folder. This folder holds resources, such as XML files defining Form, for the application. Here, an image of a nebula (I originally took this from http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/browse/PIA04216.jpg) is loaded from a file in the Resources directory and displayed on the screen.

using namespace Osp::Base;
using namespace Osp::Graphics;
using namespace Osp::Io;
using namespace Osp::Media;
using namespace Osp::Ui;
using namespace Osp::Ui::Controls;

const String MainForm::IMAGE_PATH = "/Res/Images/nebula.jpg";


result MainForm::PrepareImage(void)
    Bitmap *bitmap = NULL;
    Image image;

    result r = image.Construct();
    TryCatch(r == E_SUCCESS, , "Could not decode the resource image");

    bitmap = image.DecodeN(IMAGE_PATH,

    AppLog("Bit map decoded width [%d] height [%d]", bitmap->GetWidth(), bitmap->GetHeight());

    r = GetLastResult();
    TryCatch(r == E_SUCCESS, , "Could not decode the resource image");
    r = PlaceImage(bitmap);

    if (bitmap != NULL)
        delete bitmap;

    return r;

The resources files in the Res directory have paths beginning with “/Res”. In this particular case, the path would be /Res/Images/nebula.jpg. It is also possible for the image to come from other locations, such as /Media/Images or /Storagecard/Media/Images. A list of important locations can be found in the documentation under bada Developer Guide -> Basics of bada Programming -> bada File System.

To draw the image to the screen, obtain a Canvas and use its DrawBitmap method. One way to obtain a Canvas is to get it from a control on the form:

result MainForm::PlaceImage(Bitmap *image)
    result r = E_SUCCESS;
    AppLog("Placing image on view");
    Label *panel = static_cast<Label*> (GetControl(L"ImagePanel"));

    TryReturn(panel != NULL, E_UNKNOWN, "Could not locate the image panel");
    Canvas *canvas = panel->GetCanvasN();
    TryCatch(canvas != NULL, r = GetLastResult(), "Could not obtain canvas for drawing image");

    r = canvas->DrawBitmap(panel->GetPosition(), *image);

    TryCatch(r == E_SUCCESS, , "Could not draw image");

    if (canvas != NULL)
        delete canvas;

    return r;

Lastly, the image should only be drawn once the Form containing the control is displayed. Otherwise, the image will not be visible on the screen. The form’s


The source code for this tutorial can be downloaded from here.


2 Responses to [Bada] Putting a Resource Image in a Form

  1. mike says:
    __pLabel = new Label();
    __pLabel->Construct(Rectangle(0,0, WIDTH, HEIGHT), L"");
    • kahgoh says:

      Haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but it is definitely something that I hadn’t thought of (or, at least, aware of)! Thanks for the suggestion!

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