[OpenSSL] Verifying Using a Certificate Store

An certificate store can be used to hold multiple CA certificates. It is used
for verification purposes, when you have multiple CA certificates, but you
do not necessarily know which of those CA certificates signed the
certificate. When verifying the certificate, OpenSSL will look for the CA
certificate or the chain in the store.

Setting up the store programatically involves allocating memory for the
store via X509_STORE_new and then loading certificates into it. There
are two ways of placing the certificates into the store – by loading and
adding each individual certificate or supplying the location of CA
certificates. For this tutorial, we’ll load each certificate programatically.

 1 void verifyCertificate()
 2 {
 3   X509 *cert = loadCert("cert.pem");
 4   X509_STORE *store = X509_STORE_new();
 6   loadToStore("cert-1.pem", store);
 7   loadToStore("cert-2.pem", store);
 8   loadToStore("cert-3.pem", store);

The listing for loading the certificate into the store will be shown later.
Verification is performed using a store context. Setting up a context
involves allocating space for a store context and initialising it.

10   // Create the context to verify the certificate.
11   X509_STORE_CTX *ctx = X509_STORE_CTX_new();
13   // Initial the store to verify the certificate.
14   X509_STORE_CTX_init(ctx, store, cert, NULL);
16   X509_verify_cert(ctx);
18   X509_STORE_CTX_cleanup(ctx);
19   X509_STORE_CTX_free(ctx);
20   X509_STORE_free(store);
21   ctx = NULL;
22   store = NULL;
23 }

The third parameter to X509_STORE_CTX_init, cert, is the
certificate that is going to be verified. The call to X509_verify_cert
should also return the value one, if verification succeeds.

Adding a certificate to the store requires the certificate to be read first.

25 void loadToStore(std::string file, X509_STORE *&store)
26 {
27   X509 *cert = loadCert(file);
28   if (cert != NULL)
29   {
30     X509_STORE_add_cert(store, cert);
31   }
32   else
33   {
34     std::cout << "Can not load certificate " 
35       << file << std::endl;
36   }
37 }
39 X509 *loadCert(std::string file)
40 {
41   FILE *fp = fopen(file.c_str(), "r");
42   X509 *cert = PEM_read_X509(fp, NULL, NULL, NULL);
43   fclose(fp);
44   return cert;
45 }

The process of adding the certificate should be self-explanatory from the listing.


One Response to [OpenSSL] Verifying Using a Certificate Store

  1. sunitha says:

    if i lead each certificate, certificate signature verification is failing.if i concatenate each certificate content and used X509_STORE_load_locations(X509_STORE *ctx,
    const char *file, const char *dir) then verification succeeded.

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