Changing the Ubuntu Boot Screen

While installing some packages in Ubuntu, I once installed installed the edubuntu-artkwork package. At the time, I was just looking for alternatives to the default Ubuntu themes that I had. Once it was installed, I was asked to reboot it. That was when I found out that the boot screen (Uslpash) image was replaced with a rather (in my opinion) ugly one … Wanting to change it back to the original, I went searching on Google to find out how to change the boot screen back. I could only find instructions that required some building and configuration file editing (at this page). Since I just wanted to restore the previous boot screen image, I sought (and found) an easier way …

To change boot screens easily in Ubuntu, you need to first install the StartUp-Manager. This can be easily done by going to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager. In the manager, search for “startupmanager” (yes, one word). Right click on the start manager and select “mark for installation” and click on apply (the apply option becomes enabled once you have marked the start up manager for installation.

Installing the start up manager using the Synaptic package manager.

Installing the start up manager using the Synaptic package manager.

Once the manager is installed, you can access the startup manager by the menu System -> Administration -> StartUp-Manager.Now, go to the Appearance tab and you should see the options for changing the Usplash theme at the bottom.

Choose the theme you want to use. The next time Ubuntu boots up, you should see the new theme that you have selected.

Ubuntu Bootscreen

Ubuntu Bootscreen


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